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Personal blog of sketches & stuff. I'm a bit defensive at first, unless you approach me with an open palm of french fries, we'll be fine.

Have you heard if three days grace, Pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, blood on the dance floor, or black veil brides

Ehhhhh yes I have heard of them, but uhh. Last time I heard from them, I didn’t like what I was hearing. I’m more of a 80s metal like Judas Priest or something heavy like five finger death punch

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What type of music do u listen to

I try to listen to everything, but I usually go back to heavy metal in the end. Lol Lately, I’ve been into original soundtracks and Nicki Minaj tho.

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the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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walking out of an exam you knew you failed


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new pre-sequel trailer featuring torgue and hammerlock

literally who could ask for more

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so i’m just throwing this out there but how many black haired, balding, glasses wearing, vaguely asian looking scientist looking guys can hyperion have

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"In the first Borderlands game I did everything with the Patton. So when I found out that it wasn’t in the second game, I felt heartbroken."

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