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I’m dying here you guys. 

I need them.

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I hate it when a fandom hijacks a post

Except for Ace Attorney

They are allowed to hijack any post as long as it entails Wright and Edgeworth duking it out courtroom style

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axtonsbutt replied to your photo “I just hate how you can’t delete their shitty apps that come with the…”

not all android phones are huge~ most brands offer mini variants of their most popular models. they’re less powerful than the regular versions but SHOULD FIT UR BABY HANDS JUST FINE~~

Thanks my child. I’ll look into that if I can’t find a windows phone I like, I didn’t know they sold smaller versions since they only promote those giant ones.

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I just hate how you can’t delete their shitty apps that come with the phone. And the constant updates are so damn annoying. I’m a simple person, I shouldn’t need to have to do all this crap on my phone -___-

I would try an android, but the phones are so huge and I have tiny hands. Only reason I chose an iPhone was to fit in my hand but this shit ain’t worth it

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What’s worse is it was suppose to just update, not wipe my phone clean. ;-; all my pictures, videos, and current apps were gone. And last time it backed up was at June, so having to download all those apps again *cringe*

I think the only good thing is that SkyDrive automatically backs up my pics to my account, so bless Microsoft on that.

I’m upgrading to a windows phone whenever this shit phone expires. I’m so done with iPhones and their constant bullshit updates.

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Remind me to never get iPhone bullshit ever again. I just stayed up all night trying to update my phone while refusing to restore it to factory settings and it still erased all my data and set it to factory settings in order for the update to work.

Fuck you Apple, I’m switching to Windows phone the next upgrade I get.

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It’s not even that what disappoints me. Like we already knew she kills dogs (even if she had a reason to kill hers. i only found 2 myself), but what really disappoints and pisses me off about her story is, they have an occurring pattern with their villains where they only become evil villains through bad childhood or intense traumas.

Minor spoilers below cut and it got pretty long again sorry.

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Not really spoilers, my comments are just lengthy xD Minor spoilers, if anything

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Yea basically. I just feel like no research was made into any actual backstory and rushed in a sense. It’s honestly a bullshit excuse to try to justify Nisha when really there shouldn’t be justifying. I’m just tired of seeing media portray victims of abuse as villains. It sends a bad message for someone in my circumstances and others still surviving from it. It doesn’t give hope to those people surviving. 

They’ve played this card a few times already in the story (at least some people tried to, i.e. Jack’s grandma mission in BL2), and I would just seriously want a villain that’s just an evil piece of shit because they naturally like it, not because they went through some shit in their past that made them an evil piece of shit.

Completely agree, because then you make them sympathetic and, as they say, some people just want to watch the world burn. I’m going to stand by my belief/headcanon that Nisha is, always has been, and always would be evil, regardless of whether or not she would have been abused. As in, I think that, even if she she wasn’t, she would have turned out exactly the same way. In this argument, the abuse was just a push instead of a direct cause (if you or anyone else wish to believe differently, that’s fine and I understand).

And I will stand by this simply because of what I said; anyone who could hurt an innocent animal is someone who could harm others without hesitation; because it makes them feel powerful, because it brings them joy, because they’re sadists. And that can come with or without prior abuse.

P.S. I’m glad we can have these discussions and still be friends; I don’t want to be hated by youuuu~

Pfft nah I could never hate youuuuuuu. <3 I live for these kinda discussions even though the majority of tumblr doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a “discussion.” And that both parties don’t have to agree, and to not be dicks about it too. I guess that’s asking too much from em eh?

I still do wish Nisha was written differently tho. We’re in dire need of more villains like the Joker, who do it just because. Not because they were given a “shove” in that direction. Can’t female villains also do it for the lolz too, and not have a stereotype backstory? It all I ask. -___-

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